Different types of goals

What is a proper goal to apply Think & Grow Rich on?


Goals can be small, big or really challenging.


  1. Type A goal: This is doing something you already know how to do. This goal does not challenge you. Let’s say your personal goal is to run a 5K race each month, like you did last year. Is this really a worthy goal? You already know how to run a 5K race. So, you are not growing. Thus, this is not a worthy goal. In fact, it’s more of a To-Do list rather than a Goal.


  1. Type B goals: This what you think you can do. And, very similar to Type A goals, there really is no inspiration or growth in this type of goal. There is no creativity or imagination, and it does not challenge your belief system about yourself. So, if you would change the above goal to run a Half Marathon rather than continuing doing a 5K, your Type A goal would move to Type B goal. This is nice, but basically you are only adding 10 more miles to the goal. This idea does not grow you exponentially.


  1. Type C goals: These are worthy of you. These goals should scare you. They are the wants in your belly that need to be addressed. This is the goal that will change your life dramatically. This is the goal that will energize you and excitedly wake you up at night, ready for the day to start. This is the goal that will make you feel alive. To make the Half-Marathon a Type C goal would be to not only to qualify but to participate in the Ironman Triathlon in Kailua-Kona Hawaii – of new skills being required and achieving great stamina.


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