Join our Think and Grow Rich study group for FREE! (introduction offer)

We have created a Facebook group for studying the book Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

There it is easy to communicate with each other when having questions.

Before joining, please read About the study group.

You are most welcome to Grow with us!

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I want to live where it is better weather than where I live now. To find a plan I started reading the book Think @ Grow Rich. Now I am reading it for the third time. In my definite plan I am supposed to say what I would Give before I get. I decided on giving support on how to read and apply the book.

2 thoughts on “Join our Think and Grow Rich study group for FREE! (introduction offer)”

  1. Thank you very much. I am glad that I am in this group.This group is a very strong group one day. Thank you very much.

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