Convert CD files into .mp3

If you bought the book on CD, the files are in .cda-format, and will not play on your phone, unless you convert them to .mp3 as described below.

On your Computer

  1. Copy from CD and Convert to .mp3 (Get a Ripping tool and set up ripping to .mp3 (Windows 10) )
  2. If each chapter consists of many files/CD-tracks: Consider making only one file for each Chapter, using for example AudaCity (this takes some time, like 1-2 hours if you haven’t used AudaCity before. )
  3. Consider changing the file names, so you see both the Chapter number and a Short title
  4. Copy the .mp3 files to your phone

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I want to live where it is better weather than where I live now. To find a plan I started reading the book Think @ Grow Rich. Now I am reading it for the third time. In my definite plan I am supposed to say what I would Give before I get. I decided on giving support on how to read and apply the book.

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