Different types of goals

What is a proper goal to apply Think & Grow Rich on?


Goals can be small, big or really challenging.


  1. Type A goal: This is doing something you already know how to do. This goal does not challenge you. Let’s say your personal goal is to run a 5K race each month, like you did last year. Is this really a worthy goal? You already know how to run a 5K race. So, you are not growing. Thus, this is not a worthy goal. In fact, it’s more of a To-Do list rather than a Goal.


  1. Type B goals: This what you think you can do. And, very similar to Type A goals, there really is no inspiration or growth in this type of goal. There is no creativity or imagination, and it does not challenge your belief system about yourself. So, if you would change the above goal to run a Half Marathon rather than continuing doing a 5K, your Type A goal would move to Type B goal. This is nice, but basically you are only adding 10 more miles to the goal. This idea does not grow you exponentially.


  1. Type C goals: These are worthy of you. These goals should scare you. They are the wants in your belly that need to be addressed. This is the goal that will change your life dramatically. This is the goal that will energize you and excitedly wake you up at night, ready for the day to start. This is the goal that will make you feel alive. To make the Half-Marathon a Type C goal would be to not only to qualify but to participate in the Ironman Triathlon in Kailua-Kona Hawaii – of new skills being required and achieving great stamina.


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Convert CD files into .mp3

If you bought the book on CD, the files are in .cda-format, and will not play on your phone, unless you convert them to .mp3 as described below.

On your Computer

  1. Copy from CD and Convert to .mp3 (Get a Ripping tool and set up ripping to .mp3 (Windows 10) )
  2. If each chapter consists of many files/CD-tracks: Consider making only one file for each Chapter, using for example AudaCity (this takes some time, like 1-2 hours if you haven’t used AudaCity before. )
  3. Consider changing the file names, so you see both the Chapter number and a Short title
  4. Copy the .mp3 files to your phone

Which format of the book should I buy?

Formats found

The formats I have found (all are available in English, but in your native language it might be fewer formats available):

  • Paper Copy (Hard cover or Paper back )
  • Download .pdf (One .pdf for the whole book, or separate .pdf for each chapter)
  • Download .mp3 (Often one .mp3 per chapter)
  • CD (with .cda-format, one file for each track on the CD)

What are the positive and negative features of the different formats?

  • Paper book

    • Positive:

      • Cheapest? (Maybe you can borrow one?)

      • It is easy to mark things in the book with different colours.

      • Very easy to go back and check on things you already have read.

      • Easy to add notes and questions.

      • You can make thumbnails at important places to revisit.

    • Negative:
      • Not always with you?
      • You might have reading problems.
  • .pdf Read on a screen (Phone, Tablet or Computer)
    • Positive: Easy to mark text, search and copy/paste (if you have a .pdf editor). Price: sometimes for free. Possible to print a copy.
    • Negative: Without a .pdf editor not as good a choice; then the features are almost like the Paper Book.
  • .mp3 Sound files to listen to.
    • Positive:

      • Price: sometimes for free.

      • You can listen while you do other things you normally do; like travel, work out, cook, clean etc; therefore it might save you time;

      • Some take in the message easier when hearing;

      • A good speaker voice can make you see the most important things in how he or she emphasizes different words.

    • Negative:

      • Cannot mark things,

      • You need to repeat part of the sound to remember what to write down;

      • No connection between notes and where you are in the book.

  • CD
    • Positive: same as for .mp3
    • Negative: Same as for .mp3 plus

Chose which format that suits you and your wallet

Depending on how much you want to spend, and where you like to read or listen, you have to decide what to buy.

If you find free files, this could be a start. When you know if this is something for you or not, I would get the book or files in your native language, although English ones are cheaper.

Different versions of the Book (slightly different content)

I have heard of these different versions:

  • the original

  • an updated version with Sex transmutation added (after Chapter 10, in my book)

  • some have a version where a Workbook is included

Have you stumbled on any more versions? Please tell me in the comments or as an e-mail: admin@retirebeforemom.com